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The love of your life has FINALLY popped the question and now it is time to ask your girls! Whether you have one maid of honor or 12 bridesmaids you want to make them feel special to be apart of your big day! I am going to show you some bridesmaid proposal boxes I put together for my bridesmaids. 
I actually asked my bridesmaids in person/over the phone before sending them the proposal boxes just to make sure everyone was available. and well I couldn't help myself! 
Start with a budget. You can get them as something as small as a card and maybe some color swatches for the wedding. You could even make an adorable inspiration board (I used Canva.com for this) to including monogrammed cups, bags, etc. I would also keep in mind if you are shipping your items or able to give them in person. I had to mail five of my gifts and one I was able to give in person. 
I started with the card above. It was very fitting to my relationship with my bridesmaids. I purchased it from etsy.com
I decided on two items for my box. A Pinch Minimergency (we sell these in store or you can email us to order) kit fit the ticket. They are adorable little packages with tons of emergency items such as breath mints, a mending kit, bandaids and more! I felt like they would come in handy! I also purchased cups from Starbucks and personalized them for the girls. 
I then got some free boxes from USPS to pack up my sweet gifts. I placed some tissue paper at the bottom to fill up the box (you may not need to do this depending on what you are putting in the box as well as the size of your box)
I then placed the items inside. and stacked up more tissue paper. You could also incorporate shredded paper, confetti or really whatever you like. 
at the top I placed my card because I want them to read that first. I included a note to each girl inside the card about what they mean to me. It doesn't  have to be sappy it could be funny it is however YOU want it to be. 
Now get started! and let us know if we can help! Send us your Pinterest board and we can make it happen for you! 


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