What Not to Bring to College-Southern Edition – Dixieland Monogram

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It is that time of year! Target is clearing space for dorm bedding, mini fridges, and mesh laundry bags. Your starting to pack for your first semester of college, but we're are going to address something people barely talk about what NOT to bring!         

1. High Heels
- you think you'll be hitting up all these parties dressed to the 9s. But lets be real most college parties are of the beer pong casual variety. Sure bring your favorite pair but don't flood your limited closet space with them.    

2. Oversized Items- I know the giant bottle of shampoo was buy one get one but dorm rooms are cramped for space. The last thing you need is supersized toiletries. 

3. Winter Clothes- This can vary by where you are attending school but consider the weather during the semester you are starting. You may consider leaving some clothes at home and swapping your closet at winter break, thanksgiving or spring break.

4. High School Tees- Shirts are the clothing item of choice in college but trust me you will get plenty of free shirts once you get to college. And the ones from freshman year of high school will just be taking up unnecessary closet space.  

5. Printer- another thing to just take up space. Most schools let you print in the library for free. and as soon as you run out of ink your printer will just sit there collecting dust.

We hope this list will help with your packing! One thing is for sure you can never have too many monogrammed clothes! and it may be time to invest in a new container for coffee and water for those early morning and late night study sessions!       


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