Trendy Engagement Rings! I'm talking Rose Gold and Morganite! – Dixieland Monogram

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If like me you have spent hours on Pinterest scouring the web for your perfect engagement ring then you have probably come across the beautiful Morganite engagement rings. You just may have not even known what one is! Well let me introduce you to the new ring that is classy and so #ontrend. 
Morganites are a rare stone similar to an aquamarine or emerald. It is in the beryl family and comes in gorgeous shades of light pink, all the way to hints of peach and salmon. The best part is they naturally come in huge carat sizes!  At larger sizes you can see the beautiful and color of this unique stone. 
Because the pink tone is so pale it pairs well with rose gold settings and many people style it with a diamond halo. It also matches most skin tones and outfit choices unlike other highly colored gemstones like sapphires and emeralds. 
Here are some of our fav Morganite engagement rings we've found on Pinterest:
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