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Our chalkboard placemats have been one of our number one sellers for years! And it is pretty easy to see why! They have so many uses that extend beyond providing children entertainment during dinner or other "boring activities"
Although giving the kids a safe and clean place to express their artistic side is great we love some of these more adult reasons to purchase the chalkboards.
Having people over for a wine and cheese party. Nothing says adulting like custom labels for your fancy cheeses. This party is super easy. Pull out the chalk board placements and arrange around the table. Purchase fancy cheeses and wines from your favorite local store. Display the cheeses on top of the chalkboard and write the name and possibly a short description next to each. Then invite adults! So EASY!
Use them for every day meals. Or maybe to impress the in laws or new boss! Write out everyone's name on their placemat. They will be super impressed that you added this personalized touch. Plus you can dictate who you get to sit next to without having an awkward conversation.  Perfect for both casual and formal dinner parties. 
Holidays are another perfect place to bust out these personalized placemats. Make Thanksgiving dinner a little interactive with a "What are you thankful for" placemat. It is a great way to start conversations and also your family will be able to let each other know what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving dinner. 
Now you NEED to buy the placemats! We also sell special "crayons" that work on dry erase and chalkboard and are no mess fun. Write on the chalkboard surface and erase with wet wipes or soap and water. It won't smudge on your hands or clothes!


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