Southern Wedding Traditions – Dixieland Monogram

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Weddings are full of traditions. Ever wonder why we throw a bouquet or it is bad luck to see the bride before you're married? Traditions. Well here in the South we like to add our own brand of tradition. An obvious one being that everything is better with a monogram. But lets get down to some you may not have heard of. 

1. Burying a bottle of bourbon- in the South we love a beautiful outdoor wedding as well as a good ole' bottle of bourbon. One tradition states that the couple should burry a bottle of bourbon upside down one month before  at their wedding location in order to keep rain away.  Not to mention digging it up on your wedding day makes for a fun bridal party activity and even better pictures!

2. Charm cake pull- everyone knows you are supposed to keep the top tier of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary, but the charm pull is a little Southern twist on this. Charms on a piece of ribbon are baked into the cake and each bridesmaid pulls a charm and it signifies something that will happen soon in her life. The girl who pulls a ring is the next to get engaged.


Cake Pull Charms; Photo: Jen Huang

3. Second line- this next one is too fun. Popular in locations like New Orleans the second line traditionally takes place after the ceremony. Guests follow the bride and groom in a parade of sorts. Usually there is a band and cheering and just having a good ole' time. 

Wedding PhotographyAustin Gros 

4. Groom's cakes- the wedding seems to be all about the bride but this one tradition is about the groom. Traditionally the bride will design the groom's cake around his hobbies, interests, etc. The cake is usually chocolate and well FUN!

5. Bridal sessions- Photography hasn't always been such a big part of the wedding day, but in the South it was customary to take pictures of the bride on her big day. This picture would then get blown up and hung in the parent's house. 


So which Southern tradition would you like to try?


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