Sorority Life After College – Dixieland Monogram

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You finish up your last formal, sit through your alumni ceremony, and move that tassel over at graduation so what's next? Most cities have a local Alumni chapter for your sorority. They range in size and how involved they are in the local community but they are all worth joining. Here is a list of reasons why:
1. Friends- Your starting your "adult" life possibly in a whole new city. You may have some friends or maybe you don't know anyone at all. Joining your local alumni chapter is a perfect way to meet some girl friends! Most have events to help you get to know other alumna members and all is a great way to discover great local restaurants and bars. 
2. Networking- This is the key to moving up in your career. Through sorority alumni groups you can meet fellow women who may be able to help you advance your career or find a job in a field you are looking for. They are also great for advice for jobs in the area and other ways to boost your resume. 
3. Reminiscing- Sometimes you need to just chat with other women who remember that formal that was just way too fun! Or that hilarious costume Jen wore to that xyz social. 
4. Philanthropy- Most alumni chapters continue to take part in local philanthropic efforts. Ever more so if there is a local college with your chapter at it. 
There are just so many great reasons to join! So start now! Get to Google and find the contact information for your local alumni chapter. 


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