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 Applying monogrammed vinyl decals to any smooth surface is very simple!

Many of you already own some decals or maybe you want to purchase a monogram decal from us to personalize your laptop, car, phone case, cup really anything! But you are worried you won't be able to apply the decal.
Don't fret! We include directions with every monogrammed decal you order from us. Or you can refer to these handy dandy directions below.
  1. First you want to make sure that the surface is clean. Windex usually does the trick, but make sure you let it dry.
  2. Then take a hard item like a credit card and rub it over the surface of the decal to make sure it is firmly sticking to the transfer paper. Start to pull off the transfer paper slowly and if any part of the decal is not sticking to it rub it more with the credit card.
  3. Once the decal is on the transfer paper place it slowly on the item you want it to adhere to making sure there are no bubbles. Once again use the credit card to smooth it out and make sure it is stuck to the item.
  4. Pull up the transfer paper slowly and the decal will be adhered to your item.


See how simple! Now let's get shopping for your next monogrammed decal! They also make great gifts!




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