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Hi! Today is fab because I'm guest blogging for Dixieland Monogram. I'm so happy these sweet people invited me to say hello. Check me out over here!

I'm so, so, so excited to share some of my fave Dixieland products. Obviously they have the best classic monogrammed items; vinyl stickers, necklaces, rings... but they also carry some really unique products!

I'm obsessing over these cute pillow shams. Every girl needs some monogrammed home decor in her life, and these are so stinkin' cute and versatile! I have one at home on my bed, but they'd also be perfect for a living room couch or a dorm room futon. 

MONOGRAMMED KOOZIES SAY WHAT?! I need one (or five) of these. Ordering immediately.

These monogrammed enamel necklaces are so unique! They're really different than your average monogrammed necklace, and they're really really really reasonably priced at $38... I feel like that's basically stealing!

Dixieland Monogram also carries the best Lilly Pulitzer products! I can never find miscellaneous Lilly items in stores and I swear I've been searching forever. But lo and behold, Dixieland has them all plus every variation of Lilly case imaginable.  
I'm definitely way too excited about monograms but in the wise words of Dixieland Monogram, "There ain't nothing we won't slap three letters on."
Happy monogramming!!

Love, Stu


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