Glass Sipper: Your Guide to Drinking Glasses – Dixieland Monogram

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      If you’ve ever bought beverages like wine for a get-together, you know how many choices there are—a lot. It can all be confusing and frustrating. The same might also be said for the glasses to accompany that wine (and other drinks): There are lots of options and some of them might be confusing. Let’s break it down.

    Take red wine: The glass shape and size is designed to bring out the best characteristics of the wine. It’s got a unique shape and a suggested fill amount (no, not to the top!) that gives you the ability to sip and savor the wine. And it’s also got a   suggested way for you to hold the glass. Lots of stuff to know right?

    One way to easily differentiate between red wine and white wine glasses are the size of the bowl: White wine is always smaller, and it can also be filled more with wine. A dessert wine glass is even smaller still, and the pour should be less.

Lots of glasses, lots of decisions to make: Use this graphic to figure them all out.

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