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Hi friends!

My name is Blair, and I'm a fashion blogger at Rose Gold Outlook! (Check me out at!) I'm excited to share this post with you! Thanks to the fab ladies over at Dixieland Monogram for sharing this with their amazing, monogram loving friends! I've recently been really into DIY's, but not just any do-it-yourself projects, specifically on-trend fashion items I can't see myself investing a whole lot in.
There are 2 items that struck a chord in my Michaels & JoAnne Fabrics loving heart: the VERY hot right now "pom pom tassel sandals" (You know you've heard of them/shopped for them/already own a pair) and this baby. This sun hat with a sequin "message"!
Hats like this one are flying off shelves at Anthropologie & Nordstrom. I just checked and they are "backordered" on both sites which wouldn't be a surprise to me except that THEY'RE REALLY EXPENSIVE. We're talking, $300-$450. For. a. hat.
I would like to think no matter where I'm at in life, I'd never drop $450 on a straw hat, but hey. I'm a fashion lover and I get it. When something is hot, it's hot!
What these fine craftsman didn't realize is that fashionista's like you and me took one look at that hat and went PSSHHH. I can make this! So let me get you a jump start on it. I'm going to show you how I did it!
I've made 3 of these and I can tell what's worked and what I'd do differently so you don't have to feel lukewarm about your first attempt lol. Ready? Let's DIY!
Supplies you'll need for this DIY:
-a floppy straw hat (this one is from Target)
-a glue gun w/ extra glue sticks (I got mine for SUPER cheap at Michaels!)
-approx 3 yards of "sequin trim" (more or less depending on your message) I got this at JoAnne Fabrics, mine is .5 inch
-a fabric marker (optional..more on this later)
Step #1:prep hat by writing your desired message using the fabric pen* (the reason I say this is optional: after creating 2 of these hats, I realized I almost liked it better when I skipped this step. You can freehand the sequin trim to create your message, too. For those type A's out there (stand up with me!) I wanted to visualize it before I started gluing, which was my reasoning for using the marker. You can do it either way, just ensure you're writing large enough/clear/exactly what you want because that baby is permanent!
Step #2: get your (hot) glue on! This is as easy as hot gluing over the marker you just stenciled (or going freehand as described above.) You want to make sure the glue doesn't have time to dry before you add the sequin trim, so I recommend doing it a letter at a time. After applying the hot glue, apply your sequin trim directly on top, lightly pressing down to adhere.
**HELPFUL HINT** You can choose to cut the sequins after each letter in a word, but what I recommend is doing one continuous span of sequin trim for each word, and only cutting it at the end of the word. This helps the overall look (again, you're learning from my mistakes!)

Step #3: continue hot gluing sequin trim until your desired message is achieved. Once finished, let dry overnight in a well ventilated area.
Step #4: go out to the pool/beach and SLAY your on-trend sun hat you only paid $25 for!
No, really. That's it!
Tag me on instagram (@blairdriscoll) or comment on this post with a picture of your DIY masterpiece! 
Have a fab summer friends!


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