DIY Monogram Ornament Craft – Dixieland Monogram

2 comments / Posted by Erinn Berkelhammer

During the holidays, it’s always fun to make all sorts of crafts to decorate the house with. Christmas tree ornaments are especially popular to make, so what’s better than a monogrammed ornament?!


This monogrammed ornament is cute, festive, and easy to make! These can be handed out as presents to friends or used for yourself. In order to make your own, follow the simple process below.


  1. Monogram decal (Our 2” decals are the perfect size!)

  2. Clear ornaments

  3. Pearls (or anything else you want to fill the ornament with)

  4. Festive ribbon


  1. Place the decal on the outside of the ornament.

  2. Fill the ornament with pearls or any other fillers.

  3. Tie a ribbon onto the hook of the ornament.

  4. Hang on the tree and enjoy!


  • Posted On September 23, 2016 by Erinn

    It is the vine font! Super cute!

  • Posted On September 15, 2016 by Natalie

    What is the style or font for the monogram on the ornament? I love that. Thank u.

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