Bachelorette Party Destinations and Hint it's not Vegas – Dixieland Monogram

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Your best friend wants a destination bachelorette party to end all bachelorette parties but where do you start? Vegas is OVERDONE. Fear not! We've got you covered.
-Talk to your girl and her friends. Do they prefer clubbing? Beach time? The outdoors? The answer will help determine your choice. Also budget. Don't just assume everyone has an Amex Black card. Have fun, but don't wipe out everyone's savings. (especially when they probably have to front that $300 bach dress the brides been eyeing).
-Now the fun part, the location! Pick something people haven't been to a hundred times. Larger cities usually have more options for things to do. Charleston and Savannah are some of our favorite Southern spots. We especially love the Savannah Slow Ride (yes those giant bikes people are riding around on and drinking and look like they are having a blast!) Key West is a unique beach location with tons of bars and a chill atmosphere for your laid back bride. 
fiesta tequila bachelorette tank
- THEME! Have fun! It is one of the last times you can make a complete fool of yourself and no one will say a word! Bust out the sequins, wigs, and some serious swag! We also LOVE the idea of matching shirts! 
Here are a few of our FAVS:
popping bottles bachelorette tank
and the theme of the year...FLAMINGOS
 flamingo bachelorette


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